• A Roma Oktatási Alap a VELUX Foundation támogatásával a felsőoktatási szakképzés keretében meghírdetett csecsemő és kisgyermeknevelő nappali tagozatára jelentkező hallgatókat ösztöndíjjal és mentorálással szeretné segíteni. 

  • Over the course of a seven-year secondary school scholarship program in Vojvodina, the Roma Education Fund brought about a reduction in the dropout rate of participating Romani high school students from 26 to four percent. Now the Roma Education Fund is poised to extend the program across all of Serbia’s regions.

  • Toy Library is a community venue from where children, their families and careers can borrow toys, puzzles, games, and books that are designed to support children’s development and learning through playing. Toy libraries exist in Roma communities of many Decade member countries, enabling children from the most marginalized and disadvantaged homes to access educational toys. However, these Toy Libraries not only educate children but involve parents as well in playing and spending quality time with their children.

  • Forty-four young Romani university students, beneficiaries of REF’s Law and Humanities Program (LHP) that operates in Moldova, Russia and Ukraine, traveled to the Central European University in Budapest, for a two-day conference on July 2-3, 2014. The annual conference, entitled “Ways and Strategies for Roma Inclusion from Civil Society Perspective,” hosted speakers and experts on Roma-related issues from human rights organizations around Europe. Among them were representatives of OSCE/ODIHR/CPRSI, OSF, ERRC, Renaissance Foundation (Ukraine) and ADC Memorial (Russia).

  • REF is pleased to announce that Stela Garaz, REF's Scholarship Program and Studies Officer, has been published in the European Educational Research Journal, featuring her research on Romani university students who are current or former beneficiaries of REF's Scholarship Program.

  • In 2013, the Roma Education Fund supported the production of the documentary Judgment in Hungary, which closely following the lengthy trial of four defendants in what became known as the Gyöngyöspata serial murder case.

  • On July 4, 2014, the Roma Education Fund signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with Montenegro’s Ministry of Human and Minority Rights.

  • The famous poet, Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj stated, “From cradle to grave, the most beautiful (period) is the school age.” This statement, however, could hardly be supported by those familiar with the education that children living in the Konik camps receive. World Bank statistics report that only 32 percent of Romani and Egyptian children finish primary school compared to 98 percent of all children in Montenegro.

  • The Ombudsperson, as a neutral third party, will familiarize himself/herself with the policies, procedures and guidelines of the Programs and help resolving potential procedural inadvertences as raised and reported by REF SP scholarship applicants.

    The mandate of the Ombudsperson’s position lasts for two years.

    The primary task of the of the Ombudsperson is to investigate, recommend solutions, mediate disputes and monitor the implementation of the solutions proposed in relation with complaints of procedural failures related to the scholarship program that are brought to his /her attention. 

    Deadline for application is 31st July, 2014.   

  • The REF-supported Slam Poetry group, A Tudas6alom (Knowledge is Power), was among two finalists to be awarded a cash prize in this year’s