REF is seeking a Database Developer – Short Term Consultancy

The Roma Educarion Fund is hiring a Database Developer for a short term consultancy contract for our EU DG NEAR project: Increased education opportunities for Roma students and Roma youth in Western Balkans and Turkey .

We are looking for a Database developer who will be responsible for designing databases for each level of schooling covered by the project and for employment. The consultant is to develop guidelines and dashboards with availability for remote input of data and local data management.   The developer shall be ensuring databases stability, reliability, and performance. You will closely work with project team under Project Manager. You will help solving all database usage issues and come up with ideas and advices that can help avoiding such problems in the future.

  • Help writing and optimizing in-application SQL statements
  • Ensure performance, security, and availability of databases
  • Prepare documentations and specifications
  • Handle common database procedures such as upgrade, backup, recovery, migration, etc.
  • Develop guidance, standard reports and dashboards
  • Collaborate with other team members and stakeholders 

Desired Skills

  • Strong proficiency with SQL and its variations among popular databases
  • Experience with some of the modern relational databases
  • Skilled at optimizing large complicated SQL statements
  • Knowledge of best practices when dealing with relational databases
  • Capable of configuring popular database engines and orchestrating clusters as necessary
  • Capable of troubleshooting common database issues
  • Familiar with tools that can aid with profiling server resource usage and optimizing it
  • Strong understanding of Windows Server environment
  • Strong experience in writing test cases
  • Strong analytical skills

Desired Qualifications

  • Bachelor in IT, Engineering, Economics or other relevant field of studies and relevant experience
  • 2+ years MI development and analysis
  • Integration experience
  • Ability to present data and gather requirements


Increased education opportunities for Roma students and Roma youth in Western Balkans and Turkey. The project aims to reduce the gap between Roma and non-Roma in participation and completion of quality education through gender-sensitive programming, to improve Roma students’ transition between education and employment and to promote durable systemic change and desegregation of education systems in the Western Balkans and Turkey.

The objectives will be achieved through supporting Roma children in: pre-school education and enrolling them into integrated primary schools; awarding scholarships to Roma students in secondary and tertiary education; supporting transition between education levels and employment; building capacities of relevant authorities and their understanding of the specific challenges faced by the Roma community; supporting regional networking and exchanging experiences with the aim to contribute to mainstreaming of Roma in the national policies, and where relevant, changes in policies and legislation. 

The Roma Education Fund’s (REF) mission and ultimate goal is to close the gap in educational outcomes between Roma and non-Roma. In order to achieve this goal, the organization supports policies and programs which ensure quality education for Roma through scholarships, grant making and advocacy activities. The objectives of REF include:

  • Expanding Romani children’s access to quality early childhood education and care
  • Improving primary education outcomes for Romani children aged six to fourteen
  • Boosting academic performance and graduation rates from secondary education for Romani pupils
  • Supporting access to tertiary education, improving graduation levels and strengthening identity of Romani university students
  • Expanding employment opportunities for young Romani adults

The Roma Education Fund operates its activities in close links with civil society and institutional partners in 16 countries of Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. 

Start date: As soon as possible

Duration of engagement: 30 days

Travel required: None

Compensation: Per workday

Location: Work from home

For the detailed Terms of Reference and Annexes see attached documents. Please send a letter of interest and your professional CV with at least three references to by November 15, 2018.

This project is co-funded by


European Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations