Chisinau, Moldova is hosting LHP scholars for annual conference

The Law and Humanities Scholarship Program is holding its annual conference on the 5th and 6th of July in Chisinau, the Republic of Moldova. The two-day meetup features keynote speaches on Roma identity and the importance of human rights; panel discussions on educational and cultural rights; presenations on visibility of Roma education, World Café presentations and team building sessions, among others. The event is organized by the Roma Education Fund, Centrul National al Romilor, and the International Renaissance Foundation.

LHP (Law and Humanities Program) was launched in 2004 at the initiative and with the financial support of the Open Society Institute and the German “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future” Foundation (EVZ). LHP was initially implemented within the Open Society Institute and has been administered by Roma Education Fund since 2007. During the first three years the Program operated in four countries: Moldova, Poland, Russia, and the Ukraine, precisely because Roma communities of these countries were subjected to forced labor and other injustices from the National-Socialist period, and the major purpose of EVZ – one of the two Program’s main donors – is providing financial compensation for these communities as they are in the portfolio of EVZ. In the fourth year of project implementation Poland was excluded from the Program because there was an alternative scholarship scheme available for young Roma there run by the Polish government.

In the ten academic years since 2007 as many as 628 individual Roma students from Moldova, Russia, and the Ukraine received a total of 1,598 scholarships for their education. 189 proceeded with Vocational studies, 957 of them were BA students, 409 did their MAs, and 43 their PhDs. By 2016  334 out of 559 Roma students (60%) reached graduation year, and 95% completed their studies.