ERIO on Internet Inclusion of the Roma: a tool for raising awareness and improving the quality of information on the Romani people

Brussels, 18 April 2007 - MEP Katalin Levai hosted a working lunch in the European Parliament to discuss the role of knowledge as a tool for social mobility, for which the digital world offers a number of services.
The discussion highlighted the need to dismantle the barriers that prevent Roma from profiting from the internet as a tool for better education and access to information. The meeting was attended by different MEPS, members from the Commission and other EU institutions.
Ivan Ivanov, Executive Director of ERIO, stressed in his speech that internet can be converted into a friendly place for Roma, if it is used to educate the public by providing more information related to Roma culture and traditions, and by raising awareness about the group. Mr. Ivanov called for immediate reaction, in form of better information, against the alarming widespread hate speech and racist statements against Roma.