Roma doctors and nurses on the way to success: 10 years of the RHSP program

It takes guts and persistence to become a doctor even if one starts from a position of privilege, otherwise it takes much more than that. Throughout its 10 years’ of existence the Roma Health Scholarship Program has supported 536 beneficiaries to become doctors and nurses, often times overcoming deeply frustrating disadvantages and prejudices. They are the living examples of how strong and resourceful Roma youth are. The capacity they hold is crucial for the renewal of our health systems, as the World Health Organization has already flagged that by 2030 we will have a deficit of 18 million health workers worldwide. In this video, filmmaker Polina Georgescu follows four RHSP alumni throughout their daily work to show their journey and impact on their communities.

The health professionals portrayed in the film:
Daniel Stanciu, pediatric surgeon (RO)
Natalija Mitrovic, student of general medicine (SR)
Salija Ljatif, director of Skopje geriatric clinic (MK)
Miroslav Angelov, cardiologist (BG)

Marek Szilvasi, Program Officer Public Health Program, Open Society Foundation
Nadir Redzepi, Executive Director, Roma Education Fund 
Merziha Idrizi, Senior Program Officer, Roma Education Fund

Director, camerawoman, postproduction: Polina Georgescu
Interpreter, fixer: Marko Stojanocska Rupcic
Project manager: Merziha Idrizi (REF)
Line manager: Svetlana Hristova (REF)

This film, as well as the RHSP Program itself, is supported by the Open Society Foundations, and managed by the Roma Education Fund.