[OPEN CALL] Call for videographer

Roma Education Fund is seeking videographer contractor (either an individual or a crew) to produce a short film in close cooperation with the REF Communication Team (REF Comm) about one specific educational subtopic, related to the Roma Health Scholarship within the Higher Education Program of REF. The task requires a basic understanding of and familiarity with social and health issues Roma communities face in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania and Serbia.

Contractor has to undertake:

  • Pitching and developing the short film’s concept together with REF Comm and REF Scholarship Program
  • Preproduction, i.e., research, casting, establishing shots
  • Develop and write a synopsis for development and REF approval
  • Logistics and travelling to above mentioned countries,
  • Production, i.e., documentary shooting in four REF countries on REF appointed subjects,
  • Requesting and securing signed consent forms from anyone featured in the film and permissions to shoot at certain locations (labs, medical institutions, universities, libraries, etc.) in close cooperation with REF staff
  • Postproduction, i.e., editing, sound, REF approvals, color grading
  • Finalizing correspondence and additional corrections upon request as well,
  • Be flexible to changing concepts and approaches to the topic if necessary,
  • Subordinate one’s  actions to the general REF message, mission and values
  • Provide REF with finalized film and shot footage for audiovisual archives, plus separate English language subtitle/transcript file.
  • Providing REF with a 1,30-2 minutes video trailer.

Timeline: final deliverables (a 12-20 minutes video documentary and a max 2 minutes trailer) to be ready for release by 7th September. Thus applicants need to be available during Summer 2018.

Videographer will be contracted for the project with a fixed timeline. Project correspondence will be in English and REF local contacts will help with communication in the filed, however, applicants with language knowledge of the concerned countries do have an advantage in the selection process. Contractor has to deliver an  English language end product, subtitling speakers of other languages, and also provide REF with a separate time coded subtitle file for translation purposes.

Applicants should send a resumé and examples or a showreel of their former works, and a brief cover letter detailing their familiarity with depicting vulnerable groups to rpapp@romaeducationfund.org

The application deadline is 8 June 2018. For further information contact rpapp@romaeducationfund.org