Roma Memorial University Scholarship Program (RMUSP) - Professional Development Activities Grant

Roma Education Fund - Scholarship Program (REF SP)
Roma Memorial University Scholarship Program (RMUSP)
Professional Development Activities Grant (PDAG)
2016-2017 academic year


The RMUSP PDAG is an additional component to RMUSP scholarship, meant to encourage current RMUSP beneficiaries of the 2016-2017 academic year to engage in activities envisaged to enhancing their academic, professional and personal development, by participating in extra-curricular activities and further expanding their academic and/or professional network. For this purpose, the RMUSP PDAG supports participation in various academic, personal and professional development activities, in scholarship recipient’s countries, or abroad.

The following PDAG activities are eligible for support:

  • Foreign Language courses, in country of residence, including specialized ones, for example Business English language courses, standard international exams certification (TOEFL, IELTS, DaF, ZDfB etc.)

      [Български] [Čeština]  [Gjuha shqipe]  [Magyar] [Македонски] [Română] [Slovenský] [Srpski] [Türkçe]

Courses must be attended at accredited [1] language schools and in a class / group. 

Private or one-to-one lessons are not accepted.

  • Computer courses, in country of residence (Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook); 

              [Български]  [Čeština]  [Gjuha shqipe] [Magyar] [Македонски] [Română] [Slovenský] [Srpski] [Türkçe]

  • Research Projects, in country of residence; Important: the research should not be connected to the mandatory academic requirements of the student.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Applicants must be ongoing (2016-2017 academic year) REF RMUSP scholarship recipients by the time of submitting an application for the RMUSP PDAG;
  • Applicants must prove, with adequate documentation, that they have been accepted to participate at the professional development activity (acceptance letter indicating the name of the applicant, the time-frame of the PDAG activity that they will be attend, and the cost of the PDAG activity;
  • Applicants must provide verified and detailed information about the level of costs for the intended activity (pro-forma invoice, or invoice indicating the cost for the intended activity / printouts or screenshots from relevant webpages indicating pricing and/or letters from organizers are also acceptable);
  • Applicants must provide proof of confirmation in case the requested financial support from RMUSP PDAG is covered partially by the organizers or the service providers of the PDAG activity that the applicant wants to attend, or by any other third-party. In such case please provide to REF SP the relevant details and proofs;
  • Retroactive PDAG activities, such as those that occurred before the launching of the PDAG cycle for 2016-2017 academic year are not eligible.

Please note that meeting the eligibility criteria do not necessarily guarantee the granting of the PDAG support.
REF SP accepts applications for one or more of the listed types of PDAG activities

Application Process:

To apply for an RMUSP PDAG grant, RMUSP 2016-2017 scholarship beneficiaries must complete the PDAG Offline Application Form for the corresponding PDAG activity (in English language, or national language for the Foreign language courses and Computer courses only) for which they wish to receive support, and submit it along with the requested documents /attachments, as specified in the respective application form.

*PDAG offline application for pursuing foreign language course and/or computer course can be filled out in the country language as well. Please select the country language above and download the offline application.

We encourage the interested candidates to send their applications as early as possible after the launching of the PDAG (from December 2016 onwards).

The offline application forms can be found below these guidelines, at the bottom of the page. Please make sure that you choose correctly the corresponding PDAG activity application form.

In case of equally good applications, priority will be given to students who have not benefited of a PDAG support before.

The completed Offline Application Form(s) must be sent to:

In order to properly identify your application, please indicate in the subject line of the email, the following: PDF application (the type of the PDF activity) and your name, for example: “PDF Academic Conference / Sara Johns”; “PDF Foreign Language / Sara Johns” etc.

The submitted offline applications forms are reviewed for the eligibility and content, shortly after submission, and as long as they meet both administrative and quality criteria they are selected for support on a first-come-first-served basis.

RMUSP PDAG applications are accepted until end of June 2017; the PDAG activity must take place and be completed by end of August 2017.

RMUSP PDAG applications for activities that took place before launching of the PDAG (December 2016), or will unfold beyond August 2017, will not be considered eligible.

Allocation of the RMUSP PDAG financial support is made on a competitive basis considering the following aspects:

  • The applicant’s general academic standing;
  • How closely is the nature / focus of the PDAG event / activity related to the academic specialization pursued by the applicant;
  • Expressed motivation for pursuing the PDAG activity;
  • The value and importance of the activity / event for applicant’s academic field and/or for applicant’s personal and professional development, career prospect;
  • The overall comprehensibility and coherence of the application and the sound arguments provided in support of the pursued PDAG activity.

REF SP will announce, on the website, the closing of the PDAG component, when the allocated budget is exhausted.
Reporting Procedure

It is mandatory that all beneficiaries of a RMUSP PDAG grant 2016-2017 will submit (by email) to the REF SP a completed PDAG Report Form, together with financial justifications of the expenses (i.e. payment receipts, invoices), no later than 2 weeks after the completion of their PDAG activity. You can find the Report Form here

The PDAG Report Form must be submitted to the following email address: with the following subject title: “PDAG Report Form /__your name__”.

The submission of the PDF Report Form is mandatory; failure to do so will disqualify the applicant from the future PDF competitions as well as from the future REF SP scholarship cycles.

According to REF Scholarship Program policies and procedures the applicants found responsible for submitting to REF forged or false documents and information shall not be further considered for REF SP scholarship schemes or additional components, and for other REF programs.

In case you become a recipient of a PDF grant in 2016-17 academic year, please note that all the Contractual Obligations (page 6 of your scholarship Online Application Form - OAF) which are applicable to your scholarship grant are valid for the PDF grant as well.

In case you have questions regarding the offline application form, please contact the REF SP at the following email address:

[1] REF SP also accepts applications from internationally recognized language schools which do not have domestic accreditation abroad.