Policy Development and Capacity Building Program

This Program supports studies, technical assistance, strategy development and learning activities to strengthen dialogue with governments and civil society on education reform and Roma inclusion.

Focus areas included:

  •  Strategic studies with strong policy relevance for the region and governments with which the REF is engaged in policy dialogue.
  •  Capacity building provided to local and central governments for directing more EU funds to support Roma communities and NGOs in the field of Roma education.
  •  Technical assistance and capacity building provided to civil society organizations to help access EU and other international donor funds.
  •  Capacity building provided to NGOs and local governments implementing REF projects.

The Strategic Studies Program in 2008, included such topics as:

  •  Educational Needs of Roma Children from the Republic of Moldova.
  •  Evaluation of REF-Financed Desegregation Programs in Bulgaria and Options for Scaling Up at the National Level.
  •  The Use of Conditional Cash Transfers to Increase Roma School Enrolment, Attendance and Results.
  •  Study of Affirmative Action for Roma in Universities, High Schools, and Vocational Schools in Romania.
  •  Study on Special Schools in Slovakia.