Reference Letter(s)

Important: the REF SP is exclusively addressed to persons of Roma ethnicity!

Reference Letter(s)


Reference Letter(s) must be scanned and uploaded as attachments within the corresponding section, namely the Page 4 of the Online Application Form (OAF), and must fulfill the below requirements:

  • Be issued /written recently (i.e. within the last three months), and reflecting on recent /current events, by a person who can provide relevant comments and observations on the applicant's academic or professional achievements and/or their involvement in Roma-related activities (i.e. the Roma NGO leader, applicant's university professor, or work supervisor);
  • Be detailed, informative, relevant, and written specifically to serve the application to the current REF SP scholarship competition; the reference letter should also bear a date, the original signature, and stamp (if stamp available);
  • The Reference Letter shall NOT be written by a relative or a personal friend of the applicant; or by a person who applied /applies for REF scholarships for the 2019-2020 academic year; or by a member of the National Selection Board; or by a person who is currently receiving a REF scholarship;
  • Students applying for any of the REF scholarship schemes are not allowed to write a reference letter for other applicants;
    • Note: applicants to REF SP scholarship for 2019-20 academic year, who write Reference Letters to other applicants in the same scholarship competition, will be disqualified from REF SP scholarship competition.
  • The Reference Letter must be completed in the REF SP Reference Letter Template available for download here; please make sure you provide your referee(s) with this template.

Note 1: Reference Letters that will fail to comply with the requirements specified above, or will be simple certifications of enrollment in academic institution, or employment, etc., will not be considered, and subsequently, the RL will be considered as missing from the application, which will render the application as ineligible for the scholarship competition.

Note 2: REF SP understands the fact that a number of applicants, in particular those who are in the first years of bachelor studies, may not have had the opportunity to engage in working with organizations and /or within Roma communities. In such cases, and in absence of previous experience, a Reference Letter issued by a Roma organization can focus on jointly agreed planned activities that will unfold during the academic year for which the applicant may become a REF SP scholarship beneficiary.