Transcript of Grades

Transcript of Grades /Diplomas

*Please make quality scans, in color, to ensure that all information is clearly readable (blurry documents will not be considered).
*The maximum size of a single document must not exceed 5MB.
* High School Diploma requirement for SP competition includes: the high school courses GPA, and the Matura /Baccalaureate exam GPA.

Transcript of grades, or Diploma for obtained level (containing your Grade Point Average – GPA, if possible) must be scanned and uploaded as attachments within the online application form (OAF), and:

  • Be an official academic transcript of grades, or diploma, which depending on your current academic /school status should be for one of the following academic /school periods:
  • In case you are currently university student in 2018-2019, you need to provide GPA for the complete 2017-2018 academic year, plus your GPA from the winter semester of the current academic year 2018-2019.
  • In case you are currently 1st year BA, you need to provide your GPA from the winter semester of the current academic year 2018-2019, plus your high school diploma GPA;
  • In case you are currently last year high-school student, you need to provide your GPA from your complete 11th grade, plus the GPA from the first semester of the current 12th grade;
  • In case you are not currently enrolled as a student, (neither were last academic year),  you need to provide valid copies of the latest diploma received;

    The SP’s rules of GPA calculation, as well as all the types and variations of transcript of grades or diplomas to be submitted, can be accessed here     
    • An adequate transcript of grades shall include a complete list of mandatory exams and the results for each of them (grades, or their status such as: passed /failed /postponed/ not attended, absented, etc.);
    • Bear the original stamp of the university and signature of the university representative;

    Note: Applications with inadequate transcripts will not be considered eligible;

    • PhD applicants must submit the latest progress report from their supervisors, together with the latest GPA certificate.